Dogs that we have retired

Heza Black Tri Affair "Buddy"

Heza Black Tri Affair known as "Buddy"

Buddy is our Black Tri Toy male. He is a talker and loves to run and play.
He is getting old and having a hard time getting around these days. The last time we bred him he didn't produce any puppies so we made the painful decision to move him to the retried page. He will live his life out here in as much comfort as we can afford him. 
For more information and photos of Buddy click this link ~ "Buddy"



 Dozer, Timberline Hez Bad To The Bone

Timberline Hez Bad To The Bone, known as "Dozer".

We kept back so many Dozer daughters we felt it was time for him to be a good sire for someone else that would appreciate the quality dog and sire he is. So, Dozer now belongs to Sweet Mini Aussies in Louisiana where he will soon have sons and daughters for sale. 
To learn more about Dozer please visit his page ~ Dozer

Shade Tree Aussies Heza Blue Eyed Rascal 


Heza Blue Eyed Rascal

Rascal has been retired. He has certainly produced some fine dogs that will be an ongoing influence in our program. He will be staying here at Shade Tree Aussies.

To learn more about Rascal please visit his page ~ Rascal

 Sheza Little Bit Rock N Roll

Sheza Little Bit Rock N Roll, known as "Marie"

We think this is the best dog we have ever produced. She is the prettiest moving, most correct dog I have ever had the chance to put my hands on. She has produced some amazing offspring that are still making waves in the show world. 
To learn more about Marie please visit her page ~ coming soon

Ruby is now retired and living her best life being the perfect couch companion for one human like she always wanted.


Super C The Power Within

"Ruby" is now living her best life as a retired companion for one human. She has the perfect job for her, holding down the couch. 

She was an awesome show dog for us and produced some winning babies that are following in her footsteps.

To learn more about Ruby please visit her page ~ Coming Soon


Sheza Easy Breezy Cover Girl is a blue merle female large Toy Aussie.


 Sheza Easy Breezy Cover Girl "Breezy"

Breezy is now living the high life with her new human. She is treated like the queen she knows she is. She moved in with 2 people and 3 larger dogs. She slowly took over the house with one lip curl. The 3 larger dogs now give her whatever she wants. I get to see Breezy once in a while. She just adores her human and is always by her side. She will say hi to me but she makes it know she is going with them. 

She was the best momma dog we ever had. She would take any other females puppies. Often when it wasn't welcome. She showed like the champion that she is. The best travel and bed buddy you could ask for.

For more information about Breezy please visit her page. Coming Soon

Lady Bug is a standard red merle AKC Australian Shepherd with the best disposition you could ask for.


Timberlines Sheza Lady Bug

Lady Bug is as sweet a dog you will ever meet. She is now retired and loving life. She gets to ride everywhere they go and sleep in a bed with a human every night.

Lady Bug is Little Red's Mother. 

For more information about Lady Bug please visit her page.~ Lady Bug

Little Red just hanging out by a statue on the Bourbon Trail while we were showing in Kentucky.


STA Shez Easy On The Eyes known as Little Red is a Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Little Red has been a great partner in whatever we wanted to do. She has to be the best travel buddy we own. She is as sweet as can be to most people but once in a while, she meets one she doesn't care for. She doesn't get mean about it, she just won't let them touch her or me.

She has produced 3 litters for us.

Little Red is CJ's mother.

For more information about Little Red please visit her page.~ Page coming soon

 Sheza Little Red Racer also known as Cindy.


Sheza Little Red Racer
To learn more about Cindy please visit her page ~ "Cindy"


Cindy has gone to live with one of our long-time customers. She is living the good life teaching her new humans how to do agility. Really, she is showing her how to do it. We miss her sweet personality and her ability to keep the younger ones in line.

STA Sheza Little Bit Of Sugar N Spice is a black bi Toy Australian Shepherd.

Toy Australian Shepherd
Black Bi Female
Date of Birth 11/4/2015
Brown Eyes
Docked tail

Sage is happy being the queen of the house. She and Jess have a very special connection so Sage will live out her retirement years with Jess. 

To learn more about Sage please visit her page ~ "Sage"


 Mary Ann showing off her pretty blue eyes and freckles.

STA Ima Blue Eyed Dream

To learn more about Mary Ann please visit her page ~ "Mary Ann"

Mary Ann has gone to live with a young couple in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She is enjoying lots of lap time and taking trips. She loves going for rides so she couldn't have asked for a better situation for her. We do miss her dearly though. The house is so much less active without her silly antics. 

STA Sheza Whiskey Keeper Within know as "Keeper" a red tri female Toy Australian Shepherd.

STA Sheza Whiskey Keeper Within

To learn more about Keeper please visit her page ~ "Keeper"


STA Ima Blue Eyed Storm is a blue eyed Toy Aussie female.


STA Ima Blue Eyed Storm is known as "Storm".

To learn more about Storm please visit her page ~ "Storm"

Beauty is a beautiful black Tri Miniature American Shepherd female with very correct conformation.
Irresistible Angel's Cinders Jack's Black Beauty

To learn more about Beauty please visit her page ~ Beauty

Husker Hearts Kayra @ Irresistible Angels known as Zara.

To learn more about Zara please visit her page ~ "Zara"

 STA Sheza Little Bit Of Trouble

STA Sheza Little Bit Of Trouble

To learn more about Trouble please visit her page ~ "Trouble"

Trouble is living life large now. She was adopted by a couple that adores her. She gets to go for daily walks and daily drives even if it is just around the block. She gets to go to the farm to feed and everywhere else she can. She is a hit at the local Home Depot. I couldn't be happier for her. She is being silly again and gets to sleep in on the bed whenever she wants.  I do miss our beautiful girl with her pleading eyes.