Shade Tree Aussies local sign.
At Shade Tree Aussies, we strongly encourage and welcome you to come to our home to pick up your new Toy or Mini Aussie puppy. Due to COVID 19, we will only do this on days nice enough to stay outside and keep a distance between people.  We do understand there are times when this is not possible. We will be happy to meet you at a halfway point for closer distances for the costs of our expenses, both directions. Because of time issues, we cannot travel more than 4 hours away from home. If the distance is further, we will be happy to meet you at Will Rogers World Airport, located in Oklahoma City, to complete the sale of your new best friend. We do charge expenses to and from the airport to meet you with the puppy, and this may be discussed prior to your flight in.
We do not, under any circumstance, ship our puppies to their new owners! We prefer to meet you and allow some time for the puppy to get more comfortable with you prior to the completion of the sale. This is the best situation for the puppy and you the new potential owner. Please allow at least 2 hours between the flight in and the return flight to get acquainted with the puppy, and we will be happy to wait with you for your return flight. You will need to bring your own kennel/pet carrier for the return flight home. Please be aware that most puppies at this age are not kennel/crate trained and may cry about being confined in a tight space. We do try to acclimate them before you come to pick them up. The airlines generally allow the kennel/pet carrier to sit under your seat or under the seat in front of you. This will allow you to give plenty of attention to the puppy, easing the stress of flight for them.
We encourage you to read below should you plan to fly in and fly home with the puppy. You will find the information helpful and we have included contact information for various airlines at the bottom of the page.
When Flying with your Puppy:
First and foremost, Federal regulations require that pets be at least 8 weeks old and weaned at least 5 days before flying.
Pet Flight Information:
Get information for every airline from Pet Flight

As you plan for your flight with your new puppy…
  • Choose the most direct flight to your destination. This will help reduce the stress on your pet.
  • If warm temperatures are a concern, book an early morning, evening, or overnight flight when the temperatures are cooler.
  • If cold weather is an issue, book your flight for the middle of the day.
Contact the airline you and your pet will be traveling on. Make sure your pet has a reservation and find out if there are any new travel restrictions or issues you need to be aware of. You will want to inform the airlines as early as possible as some limit the number of pets on a flight.
American: 1-800-227-4662
Continental: 1-800-575-3335
Delta: 1-888-736-3738
Future flights with your pet:
If your pet is not crate trained, you should begin crate training as early as possible to ensure that your pet is comfortable in the kennel. Trying to escape and actually escaping from the kennel during the flight is the most common cause of injury for pets that fly. Some pets may take up to 6 months to become comfortable in a kennel, and some may never completely accept the kennel. If your pet does not become comfortable with the crate before the flight, you may want to reconsider flying your pet.

If you are traveling to a foreign country or Hawaii, make sure that you have met all the quarantine and health requirements of your destination. In some cases failure to do so may cause your pet to be destroyed.

Honestly evaluate how you think your pet will react to the experience. If you feel that your pet might injure itself by attempting to escape from the kennel during shipment, you should look for other options in transporting your pet. Not every pet is a good candidate for air travel. You know your pet and are in the best position to make this decision.

Animals who are in heat or who are pregnant should not travel by air.